Puppy love


We have been getting frequent updates on our puppy from the breeder. She says she has fallen in love with him and hopes to take him to dog shows when he is old enough. He's now 5 weeks old, and this weekend Marius and I took care of him and Sookie (his mom)! The breeder said that this is usually never done, but since he was a litter of one he needs lots of stimulation, and she thought it would be a nice way for us to meet him; and she was also able to sneak away for the weekend.

2 weeks old and his first adventure in the grass - not usually done so young,
but since he doesn't have siblings he needs lots of stimulation.
3 weeks old and getting his first taste of solid food
4 weeks old and on the move!
5 weeks old - very brave and so fun to play with!

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