722 km so far

This year I have happily logged nearly 450 miles in preparation for my fourth half-marathon, which will be in Madrid on March 29th. I have put in 15 solid weeks of dedicated training in hopes of setting a new personal best. To date, my best time for 21 km (13.1 miles) is 1:47, but I'm aiming for a sub-1:45! A couple of weeks ago I set a personal best in the 10k.. 45 minutes and 25 seconds. I bet if it had been a race then I could have shaved off more time.

I've been running 6 days a week. Occasionally this is twice a day, but only in the last couple of weeks when the sun has been shining and the days have gotten longer. Being in Bergen has made my training really enjoyable since we haven't had many days below freezing to create ice obstacles for me. I don't mind cold temps, but ice is not fun.

I haven't signed up for a marathon yet, but I will have to choose between Amsterdam and Oslo if I want to reach my goal of at least 5 full marathons before I'm 30. An ultra marathon is also on the to do list.

Today I signed my contract for my full-time job at the University/Sars Centre for Marine Molecular Biology. My main job will be taking care of sea anemones used for research - well, their embryos are used for research. One of the groups using the animals is researching how the nervous system evolved and how it develops. It's really interesting, so it will be neat to lend my skills in another field.

I've enjoyed that only working 50% means that I have more time to dedicate to running, so now I will need to come up with a better schedule. At the end of April, in conjunction with the Bergen Marathon, there is a half-marathon relay. Carol (the HR lady) and I are trying to convince a few more people to run for Team Sars. I volunteered to run a few of the legs, but not everyone at work is so eager to jog for a mile.

So tomorrow I am taking the train from Bergen to Oslo because it was cheaper than taking the plane. And then on Wednesday Marius and I are off to Madrid!! Updates of course to come of out trip, my race, and Easter skiing, but just had to write a little something for an update.

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