No complaints here

Last weekend Marius came to visit me in Bergen for the Light Festival. We were a little disappointed because there were not as many Christmas songs as the last time we went, but the fireworks at the end were still good.

[Christmas atmosphere in Bergen]

[Annual Bergen Light Festival/Tree-Lighting]
[Beautiful sunrise on my way to work last week]

Right now we are at the cabin in Synnfjell for our first ski weekend of the season with Tron and Rigmor. We also have Kajsa with us because her owners are in Copenhagen for the weekend, and they asked us to dog-sit (she is the old cocker spaniel). Marius' two younger cousins who live near Oslo are also up with us, and they like having Kajsa around but forget that she can't hear.

[Kajsa likes to roll around in the snow whenever she gets the chance]

Tron, Marius and I arrived to the cabin on Friday night. I woke up with Kajsa around 7:30. It was still dark and the moon was really bright. After a little breakfast we relaxed with some coffee in front of the TV and watched skiing. The skiers are in Lillehammer, but we decided to not do the hour-long drive over to root for the Americans. After watching the girls ski, we went for a 20 km ski trip. We were finished around 2:30 and the sun was already disappearing behind the mountains. Rigmor and the two little cousins arrived just before we got back from our ski and they were busy baking cookies.

[Beautiful Saturday morning - ca. 9:00am]

[Great start to a beautiful day]

[Skiing and dog cuddles]

[First ski trip of the season!]

We had a mini Christmas Eve with a Norwegian style Christmas dinner and opened a few presents. I was very happy to receive my new rainboots for when I go back to Bergen this week (tons of rain in the forecast).

And I hit a milestone last night! I saw my first northern lights after living in Norway for over three years! It was spectacular!! I took Kajsa out one last time before bed and saw a beautiful green band in the sky! I hollered to Marius to grab the camera and he took a great picture for me!

[The northern lights as seen from the cabin! Marius is an amazing photographer!]
[Mini ski trip (6km) with Kajsa and the little cousins]

Less than a week til Marius and I land in Detroit and we are SO EXCITED!

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