Feeling at home in Oslo

Marius and I are about 90% moved in at the apartment we are renting in an area of Oslo called Sagene. The living room is mostly finished, except for the bare walls. There's some open holes from the previous owners that I'll cover up with pictures that we have. The kitchen is much smaller than we're used to, but it's good at making us clean up right after cooking to have space to do other things. The couch is a pull out - visitor ready! 

[Those boxes should be gone once we get a bookshelf and TV table]

[Old pictures from the early 80's taken by Mom and Dad are on display - how Hipster of me]

The bathroom just needs a shelf and towel rack, but it was messy so I didn't take a picture of it. The bedroom is also a bit of a mess with clothes that have to be sorted into summer and winter clothes...this is a dilemma for Marius since he has so many shirts. 

The area is really nice. Only about 2 miles from downtown Oslo. I have yet to master the public transportation since I have plenty of time to walk instead. There is a cafe - "lunch bar" next door and I have been there a few times for coffee, and I had lunch there with Tron and Rigmor. In the distance we can see the Oslo Fjord, and just down in the park across the street there are often people with their dogs. 

[Construction of a new apartment building across the street]

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