Viking Ship Museum

[Gokstad ship]
Rigmor and Tron took Marius and I to the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo (Adults 60kr, Students 35kr). We learned a bit about the Viking age, and how proud the Norwegians are of their ships. These ships were excavated from the late 1800s - 1904, and they were all from around 850-900AD.

People of high rank were buried in the ships with their valuables, servants and horses (or cows). One of the ships contained a man in his 60s, his horse, a game board, a suit of chain mail, a sled, and pieces of a broken ski!

[Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't let me rotate the photos even though they were already saved rotated before uploading..technical difficulties]
[Amazing detail preserved!!]
[Viking shoes - looks a bit like what is "in fashion" today]
[Photo from an excavation in the late 1800s]

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