Dog sitting on Waiheke Island

[Jet jumped all over my course notes!]
[The view of the bay from the second floor balcony]

Hannah and Sonny went for a dive at Poor Knights, but I have assignments to do, so I stayed back and watched their two dogs for them. Kalie was great! Very well trained and a sweetheart...Jet was a handful of a 7mth old giant. He woke me up at 5:30AM to take him out to pee. Then they were both noisy so they got breakfast and I tried to get an extra hour of sleep. It was a beautiful day on the island today so I went for a run and took Jet for a walk to try to get some energy out. Then spent a bunch of time studying fish biology and working on assignments.

Tomorrow morning I head back up to the Marine Laboratory in Leigh for a 3-day fish biology field course. Hopefully I will have something cool to tell.

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