A challenge...

I am back to the old routine of talking to Marius on Skype and going to work for, on average, 6 hours a few days a week. I am now trying to save up every single penny to visit Marius and my other Norwegian friends in Norway at the end of June.

I will need to save up about $3000 to pay for the ticket and my rent while I'm gone. I already have some money saved up for my next visa application, but I'm still taking every hour of work I can get. Sadly, it's now down to only about three days a week.

February is the hottest month in New Zealand, and it is proving that at night.

I am excited to get started on the new semester, starting March 1. I think I am most excited for GEOG 311, Hydrology and Fluvial Geomorphology.
"An integrated study of hydrological and fluvial processes in a river basin context. Content includes: examination of the water balance, run-off generating processes and river hydrology, integrated with investigation of sediment sources and transport and resulting deposits. Scientific principles are applied to selected practical problems."

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