Soccer, Fish, and a Light Show

Last weekend I played some soccer in the Domain with some friends. It was good as usual. I got drilled with the ball three times at near point-blank by a German. I told him it didn't hurt, but really it did sting a little.

Friday I bought some pet fish! The first pet store we went to only had different kinds of gold fish and a poor selection of bowls, but I grabbed the pebbles and picked out the fish I wanted. However, the lady wouldn't sell it to me since I didn't have my aquarium set up yet. We left and went out to another store. It was strictly a fish store and there was so much more of a selection. I bought a little plastic tank, food, and six fish. Five of them are X-Ray Tetras (one has black eyes, so I named him Stevie Wonder) and the last one is a Pleco (I named him Norman). They like the tranquility of my room, but when I bring them out to the living room they get pretty scared when my flatmate Sawyer taps on the tank. I have to explain to them how it hurts them.

That night we watched Bolt and then walked down to the Ferry Building to see a light show. It was just a publicity thing put on by Telecom that lasted all of 30 minutes before they started the show again back at the beginning. So we walked up to Father Ted's, a local Irish-style pub with live music. It was a great atmosphere and we listened to the band until just past midnight before we all headed back home.

Today I'm going to a gig with Becca and some other friends. She has invited me several times and I turned down the invitation, so I thought I should go this time.

Only one week of lectures left! I start work on Wednesday. I will most likely be working Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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